I never met a novelty print I didn’t like.  Unfortunately, I also tend to dislike the finished result when I use quilting cottons for apparel sewing.  They wrinkle easily and don’t always drape the way I’d like.  Hence, my love of Spoonflower. I can choose my own novelty prints in whatever sort of fabric I’d like.  Huzzah!  During some recent explorations of the site, I decided to purchase Heather Ross’s Prints.

Heather Ross Prints: 50+ Designs and 20 Projects to Get You Started

It was there that I first encountered her idea that anyone can learn to draw.  It has been my lifelong assertion that I am a terrible artist, but a recent nostalgic foray into Ed Emberly drawing books combined with Heather’s comments gave me hope.  Then, when I saw this post on her blog challenging other drawing newbies like myself to treat drawing like exercise, I decided to give it a go.  Unfortunately, I read the post too late to join the contest myself, but I started this morning with a sketch of my kitty and of a clock in my boyfriend’s mom’s house.  I like the clock a lot better than the cat, but they actually both came out better than I thought they would (okay, they’re definitely not great, but my normal drawing is barely better than what my first-grade students come up with).

IMG_4183         IMG_4184

Maybe I’ll be on my way to fabric design sooner than I thought.