So, I’m still super-excited about getting things at the studio in order, and I’ve actually done some sewing there as well.  My dear boyfriend helped me put up the slat wall.  I’m still not as handy with the screw gun as I’d like to be. :/ Image

He also helped me build some Expedit shelves.  I tried to no avail to find some on Craig’s List, and I couldn’t resist the shiny, shiny red when we were at Ikea buying a dresser.  I like that all the cubes will help with fabric organization.  My boyfriend likes that the massive stash will be relocating out of the apartment.  


I also took the time to paint the thread and spool cone organizers that I picked up during Coupon Commotion at Joann’s.  It was a somewhat tedious endeavor, but I’m pleased with the results.  They look super-cute hanging up in the studio, although the decision to screw-gun them to the wall was perhaps ill-advised.  They barely held up to the strain, but they hung in there!


Things are really coming together.  I’d like to paint/recover a folding chair, possibly make some bunting or a paper garland, and procure some book ends to help with pattern storage.  And then there’s the matter of moving and organizing all the fabric.  I’m trying to take it a little at a time, and I’m excited to get some actual sewing done along the way.