I’m working away steadily on details of my studio.  I’ve moved over almost all of my vast fabric collection.  I moved almost all my supplies over as well.  My main goal now is to get them organized and stored.

To that end, I’ve made a few trips to Target, Walmart, and Joann’s over the past few days (although I mostly went to Joann’s for the 70% off notions and muslin…so many sewing machine needles and beaucoup de bobbins for the new Pfaff).  I did some shopping this morning, then I settled in for a few DIY projects that were waiting for me on my Pinterest boards.

First up, some terrarium book ends to punctuate my pattern collection.  I got the idea from here and found some clearance sheet moss at Joann’s.  My boyfriend and I joked as I was making the first one that it was a “five-foot terrarium” (i.e. only looks good from five feet away), but I’m happy with the finished products.  Not only that, but they were pretty darn cheap and making both of them took less than ten minutes combined.  I also like that they’ll add some earthiness to the bordering on over-the-top girliness of my space.

IMG_4352 IMG_4350

I also went on a spray painting rampage!  Spoiler alert: I am not a good spray painter.  I’m really bad about getting too close and staying in one place too long.  Guess I need to practice.  First, I’m working with some more mason jars.  I’m using this tutorial to make a glittery jar, but I also decided to make a couple designs of my own.  I got some cheap stickers at Joann’s and made a polka dot one, then used painter’s tape I had laying around to make a striped one.  They’re still sitting out on the lawn where I painted them, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how they turn out.


My other spray painting project is this folding chair upgrade.  I’m afraid this is where my poor spray painting skillz are really on display.


I ran out of paint to do another coat, so I’m going to have to finish it up tomorrow.

My final project was a super-duper quick one of my own making.  I was at Target yesterday searching for organizing containers for the studio, when I came across a simple, craft paper pencil holder (with white chevrons inside its four compartments).  Conveniently located in the same aisle was some washi tape in the same color palette as the studio.  I simple covered the pencil holder with the tape.  This was another under ten-minute craft that I think turned out pretty cute.  I’m pondering covering it with Modge Podge just to seal the tape on, but I’m afraid I might end up with a sticky finish like I have in the past with some other MP projects.  I’ll see how my glitter jar turns out (it calls for MP) and make a decision then.


I’m hoping to get to the studio tonight and finish a first draft (not quite a muslin) of the dress I’ve been working on!