As part of my collaboration with my awesome friend/sewing teacher Julie, I’m making up samples for her upcoming sewing classes.  First up? The Colette Peony.  This is not only a fun opportunity to try out some new patterns, but it’s also forcing me to make some muslins (even if they are of the fully-finished-and-in-beautiful-fashion-fabric variety).  So here’s my first crack at the Peony.


Please excuse the photos…I’m a first-timer with the tripod/timer.  I guess the only way to go with my photography skills is up. Haha.

Among the many, many Craftsy classes that I’ve signed up for, one is Lynda Maynard’s Sew the Perfect Fit. Because I’m a giant nerd, I like to watch sewing-related video while sewing.  Sometimes it’s Project Runway, sometimes a selection from my vast Craftsy library, (and sometimes when I run out of sewing material, it’s a Nova documentary on Neflix).  As I was sewing my Peony, I was watching Lynda’s class.  The class uses Vogue 8766, which is very similar, IMO, to the Peony pattern.  When I tried on the dress bodice and the fit was not at all to my liking, I decided that I should just go for it and put my class to use.


I like the shape of this dress a lot better than I thought I would, although the fit in the pictures looks much worse than it did in my head. Tee hee.  I think the back looks alright, except for maybe the weird wrinkles from the way I’m standing?  I thought I liked the skirt, but I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of how it looks in action.



I don’t think that’s the most flattering on le belly, but the waistline looks way too high for me.  Or maybe I just need Spanx? No, no, my fitting mantra is that I need to adjust my garment to fit my body, not the other way around.  So back to the garment.  Here’s the offending bodice:


It’s not exactly a head-on shot, but you can see the extreme pulling between the darts.  It doesn’t look as bunched up as it does in the other pics, but those darts are an issue.  I think the lower ones need to be moved apart to take care of the pulling.  The upper darts are also way too high; they’re over an inch above my bust points.

The shoulder and arm holes are another area of concern.



Trying to lift my arms is not a fun experience. 😦  I’ve also got the back neckline gaping that others, like Rochelle, experienced during the Sew Colette 2.0 Sewalong (I hope it returns soon, btw!).



Sooo…lot’s of work on the fitting of this one, but I’m excited to learn!  I’ve already starting amassing a library of fitting tomes.  Mwahahaha!

My plan from this point is to make an actual muslin that I can cut up and manipulate.  As I took these pictures and bebopped around in this dress, I made some notes of fitting issues I’d like to address in that muslin:

– Lower the upper bust darts

– Move out the lower bust darts

– Move out the shoulder seam

– Deepen the back darts

– Add the sew-in gusset that Lynda talks about in the fitting class

We’ll see how it goes from here!  I’ve never worked on adjusting the fit of anything before, so this should be an exciting new adventure!