I’m excited for the new year and looking forward to some really exciting changes.  With only five months left in Dallas, I’d really like to amp up my sewing and get into a nice groove before I move to Seattle in June.  Most of all, I’d like to spend more time sewing this year and less time just thinking about sewing, as has been the major trend in years past.  At the same time, I want to keep my goals attainable.  With that in mind, here are my aims for the next year.

1) Sew from my stash!  My stash is enormous…like embarrassingly large…like if I keep sewing at my current rate and never buy anything new, I’ll have to live until 2189 to use it all up. Not only will I have to pack up and move all of that in June, but I’ll also have to find somewhere in my lovely but petite new crafting space to store it all. At this point, I’m making a shorter term goal of buying no new fabric or sewing patterns until after I move.  I’ll look to my stash first for zippers and notions, but those are allowable in order to finish a project.


My hoard…err…stash(!)

2) Finish at least two projects a month.  I’m so impressed by ladies who can churn out 50+ garments a year.  Earlier this year, my goal was to make something once a week, but that just turned out to not be realistic for me.  Although I’ve been sewing for several years, my workaholism has made my sewing schedule very erratic and I actually haven’t acquired that much experience.  Trying to keep up with more skilled seamstresses has stressed me out.  I’m slow.  I’m accepting it, moving on, and setting a more realistic pace for myself.

3) Finish five or more Craftsy classes.  As additional proof of my hoarding tendencies, I’ve accrued a large number of unused Craftsy courses over the past few years.  If something I like goes on sale, I buy it, regardless of whether or not I’ll actually have time to work on or finish it.  I want to make it through as many classes as possible, either sewing or knitting.

4) Finish two sewalongs.  I love sewalongs.  I love seeing what people make.  I love step-by-step tutorials and ideas for variations.  I love signing up for them.  Unfortunately, something always comes up and I have yet to finish a single sewalong.  This year, I’d like to participate in two!  I’m also making this my one exception to the no new patterns/fabric goal, but only once.

5) Participate actively in the online sewing community.  I’ve been a longtime lurker on the edges of the blogosphere.  I’ve been reading and sewing, but rarely commenting or blogging.  I don’t know if I’m quite up to joining Twitter, but I would like to start blogging more regularly (at least 75% of my makes?) and commenting more on the awesome things other people are doing/writing.  No more creepy lurking for me!