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And the studio excitement continues!  I’m really eager to get my stuff moved over, but I wanted to get some painting done first.  After scouring Pinterest for a suitable color palette, I ran over to Lowe’s and grabbed some paint chips: 


I decided to do the walls in pink and my slat wall in orange, with mostly red and aqua accents.  I also used a combination of tutorials from A Beautiful Mess and Martha Stewart to DIY up some chalkboard paint, so one of my walls is a pink chalkboard!  I found out a bit too late that Lowe’s offers tintable chalkboard paint, but there was something incredibly satisfying (albeit stinky) about mixing up my own chunky paint/grout paste.  


ImageToday, I spent the day fabric shopping at Golden D’Or, an insane fabric warehouse here in Dallas.  There are crazy deals to be had, especially at the remnants table, where all remnants (up to about 4 yds!!!!) are $1/yard, meaning that you can get more than enough yardage for an entire project for under $5.  Crazy deals!  I snagged over 60 yards of fabric, mostly knits.  I forgot to snap pics, but I plan to post a bit more tomorrow.  

On the home front, I’ve been working on some simple envelope covers for some sofa pillows that no longer match my decor.  I’m even snazzing them up with some hand embroidery.  


After my little shopping spree, I went back to the studio to get some more painting done.  Julie is graciously allowing us renters to use (and even paint!) her leftover slat wall, so I painted mine in the perfect shade of orange!